Marotta's Towne Pizza (2024)

Marotta's Towne Pizza (2024)


What makes a pizza the best pizza? ›

Everything in a good bite of pizza should be balanced. The sauce shouldn't overpower the cheese and vice versa, the crust-to-sauce ratio should be even, and the choice of toppings should work fine together. It's not very often for someone to refuse a good slice of pizza, especially if it fits the general criteria.

What is the pizza method in math? ›

The theorem is so called because it mimics a traditional pizza slicing technique. It shows that if two people share a pizza sliced into 8 pieces (or any multiple of 4 greater than 8), and take alternating slices, then they will each get an equal amount of pizza, irrespective of the central cutting point.

What is the secret to good pizza? ›

The top chefs all agree that the best pizzas are all about the crust, so salt in the dough should never be sacrificed at the altar of salty toppings. “Building a pizza is like building anything else – you have to make compromises and consider the whole when choosing the parts.

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