No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (2024)

Expeditions are the best part of No Man’s Sky while they’re live. They introduce a story for players to follow and intrigue them with a few answers to the secrets of this immense universe. There are few better than Expedition 10: Singularity because of its unique rewards.

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity takes players on a journey through corrupted space to uncover the mysteries of what’s going on in the universe. This Expedition is only part two of a four-part story that will slowly unravel over the course of future updates and Expeditions. In this hub, we’ve outlined everything fans need to know about Expedition 10: Singularity, from how to start it and complete every Milestone to the rewards that can be earned and the lore they’ll unlock along the way.

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  • How to Start Expedition 10: Singularity
  • How to Complete All Milestones
    • Phase One Milestones
    • Phase Two Milestones
    • Phase Three Milestones
    • Phase Four Milestones
    • Phase Five Milestones
  • How to Decode Milestones
  • What is the Story in Expedition 10: Singularity?
  • ARG Clues Explained

How to Start No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity

No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (1)

To start No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity, players need to launch the game, start a new save file, and select Community Expedition from the menu. This must be a separate save file from any existing or normal save files because the Expedition is new. Once the Expedition has concluded, the save file for it will be swapped to a normal save file and can be played like any other save file in No Man’s Sky.

At the time of writing, December 15, 2023, No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity is live across all platforms as a rerun called No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 Redux: Singularity. An update is required on PS5 before the Expedition can be started, and we expect all other platforms also require a similar update. Follow the steps above once the update has been downloaded to access the new story.

All Milestones in No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity & How to Complete Them

No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (2)

Below, we’ve listed every Milestone within the Phases of No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity alongside a short guide for how to complete them. To finish the Expedition, players need to complete every Milestone in every Phase, or they won’t be able to claim the rewards.

Expedition 10: Singularity Phase One

Milestone NameHow to CompleteRewardsTips for the Milestone

They Hear Us
Explore the abandoned Harmonic Camp and interact with everything there. Find the Autophage and access its register. This presents a random set of sums. Work out the answers, then apply the Glyphs with correlating numbers to the Autophage’s memory when attempting to repair it. Hermetic Seal Plans, Crystallised HeartExplore everywhere in this Harmonic Camp. One player had set up a base with farming equipment when we played, allowing us to get lots of Carbon and Antimatter with little effort. Keep this in mind, because it’s easier to farm materials here than it will be later on.

The Wayfarer
Venture into space by getting into the Starship and flying out of the planet’s atmosphere. 3 Warp Hypercores and a Pre-Packaged Teleporter Reciever Unit. Collect as many resources as possible before following the Starship icon on the compass to find the ship. It will need repairing, and players can make this process faster by mining for resources as they explore. Once the ship is repaired and fuelled up, they can launch it and get into space.

Etched in Glass
Search for clues by following the coordinates the Autophage left. Construct Head Schematic, 312 Nanites, and a Banned Hazard Protection Upgrade.Follow the coordinates from the Autophage to the next planet. Then, use the Scanner to track down the exact location these coordinates are pointing to. Players will need to land and use their Scanner instead of flying directly there.

Eyes to See
Assemble the first Construct part by building it with 4 Metal Plating, 1 Ion Battery, and 1 Microprocessor. Supreme Scanning System Upgrade and a Pre-Packaged Advanced Mining Laser Unit. Craft Metal Plating using Ferrite Dust mined from rocks. Ion Batteries require Ferrite Dust and Cobalt, a resource that can be found on the same planet as the Construct Head Schematic. Microprocessors can be purcahsed from a nearby vendor, but we picked them up by searching abandoned chests on the worlds we visited leading up to completing this Milestone.

Prayer 1
Visit the first Atlas Station and present the Construct Head.Seed of Dreams Revelation and Warp Hypercore Plans.Find an Atlas Station system on the Galaxy Map and warp to that to get this Milestone done quickly.

Seed of Dreams
Forged the First Atlas Seed.Craft the first Atlas Seed using the plans given to the player from the previous Milestone.Most of the items required to craft the Atlas Seed are easy to come by. Chromatic Metal can be refined in the Traveler’s Personal Refiner using any metal. Our go-to is Copper because it’s so abundant and can be found on a nearby planet.

Pilgrimage 1
Complete the first pilgrimage by traveling to the first Rendezvous Point.3 Exosuit Expansion Units, 4 Multi-Tool Expansion Slots, a Pre-Packaged Paralysis Mortar Unit, and 3 Storage Augmentations.Follow the Expedition Route in the Galaxy Map to the yellow goal. This Rendezvous Point is a Harmonic Camp, so keep an eye out for one.

Expedition 10: Singularity Phase Two

Milestone NameHow to CompleteRewardsTips for the Milestone

Pilgrimage 2
Reach the second Rendezvous Point.1,000 Nanites, Base Computer Plans, 24 Salvaged Data, and a Forbidden Exosuit Module.Follow the Expedition Route in the Galaxy Map to discover the second Pilgrimage site. This one is one a high cliff. The goal is to find a Harmonic Camp, so look for lots of other players and their messages for a hint of the exact Rendezvous Point’s location.

To Cast a Shadow
Extract Construct Blueprints from an Autophage.Construct Limbs Schematic and Lubricant Plans.Speak with the Autophage at the Harmonic Camp at the second Rendezvous Point and solve its puzzle to unlock the Construct Limbs Schematic.

Harvest 16 Radiant Shards. These are the large purple crystals on Corrupted Worlds, and can only be harvested with an Advanced Mining Laser. This is a reward from a Phase One Milestone, so collect every reward to grab this for free.Pre-Packaged Optical Drill Unit, Supreme Mining Beam Upgrade, Banned Hazard Protection Upgrade. The world where players find Rendezvous Point 2 is perfect for farming Radiant Shards. Explore on foot for a while until 16 have been found and mined before moving on.

Hands to Grasp
Recover Plans for the Construct Limbs.Pre-Packaged Haz-Mat Gauntlet Unit and 6 Ion Batteries.The Construct Limbs require the Quad Servo from a previous Milestone reward, 3 Carbon Nanotubes, and 1 Wiring Loom. This is all pretty easy to acquire from the planet with Rendezvous Point 2 on and a Space Station.

Prayer II
Present the next Construct part to the Atlas. Seed of Power Revelation and 2 Warp Hypercores. Look for an Atlas Station system on the Galaxy Map and warp there before going anywhere else.

Seed of Power
Craft the Seed of Power.Pre-Packaged Neutron Cannon Unit, 2 Supreme Neutron Cannon Upgrades, and a Pre-Packaged P-Field Compressor Unit. Crafting the Seed of Power requires the Seed of Dreams and 100 Pure Ferrite. This can be refined from Ferrite Dust.

Living the Void
Amass 256 Atlantideum. This can be done from the start of the Expedition by mining the purple crystals on Corrupted Planets. Pre-Packaged Cloaking Device Unit, Quad Servo, and a Banned Hazard Protection Upgrade.Collect Atlantideum from every purple crystal in sight. This will quickly lead to a huge stash of way more than 256.

Expedition 10: Singularity Phase Three

Milestone NameHow to CompleteRewardsTips for the Milestone

Pilgrimage 3
Get to the third Rendezvous Point1,000 Nanites, 5 Exosuit Expansion Units, and 5 Storage Augmentations.Stick to the Expedition Route in the Galaxy Map to hit the Rendezvous Points. This location is a Harmonic Camp on a flat plane, so look out for that when finding this objective.

The Will to Exist
Extract Construct Blueprints from an Autophage.Construct Shell Schematic, Supreme Movement System Upgrade, Pre-Packaged voltaic Amplifier Unit.Speak to the Autophage at the third Rendezvous Point and solve its puzzle to grab the next set of Construct Schematics.

Eliminate 19 Corrupt Sentinels. Shoot these enemies with the Boltcaster and other weapons to destroy them. Pre-Packaged Optical Drill Unit, Supreme Mining Beam Upgrade, Banned Hazard Protection Upgrade. Corrupt Sentinels can cloak themselves and attack without warning. Fly around to dodge attacks and destroy the smaller floating drones before any other enemies because they can repair their friends. Collect all the capsules these enemies drop to ensure the Boltcaser doesn’t win out of ammo.

A Shell to Make Whole
Recover Plans for the Construct Shell.Supreme Defensive System Upgrade and 6 Life Support Gels. The Construct Shell is made from 120 Magnetized Ferrite, 3 Sulphide Crystals, and 2 Life Support Gels. The hardest thing to find is the Sulphide Crystal, which can be found underwater.

Prayer III
Present the latest Construct Parts to the Atlas. Seed of Will Revelation and 3 Storm Crystals.Find an Atlas Station system on the Galaxy Map and warp there before doing anything else.

Seed of Will
Craft the Seed of Will. 128 Fragmented Qualia, 1028 Activated Indium. To make the Seed of Will, players need the Seed of Power and 100 Ionized Cobalt, made by refining Cobalt.

Cluster Horde
Earn 3,000 Nanites.Terrifying Sample and a Pre-Packaged Launch Auto-Charger Unit. Collect Nanites on every world and sell goods at Space Stations to earn more. This goal is totalled up from the start of the Expedition so can be completed easily.

Expedition 10: Singularity Phase Four

Milestone NameHow to CompleteRewardsTips for the Milestone

Pilgrimage 4
Get to the fourth Rendezvous Point1,000 Nanites, 3 Exosuit Expansion Units, and 2 Powerful Underwater Oxygen Upgrades. Look for the Expedition Rout in the Galaxy Map to find the Rendezvous Point.

Independent Spirit
Extract Construct Blueprints from an Autophage. Construct Legs Schematic, 2 Multi-Tool Expansion Slots, and 200 Gama Root.Interact with the Autophage at the fourth REndezvous Point and solve its puzzle to get the Schematics.

Free to Roam
Recover Plans for the Construct Legs.Minotaur Geobay Plans and 5 Ion Batteries.The Construct Legs are crafted using 2 Hydraulic Wiring and 1 Magnetic Resonator, the blueprints for which are unlocked at The Anomaly. The Lubricant required for the Construct Legs is made from Gamma Root, which must be farmed from Gamma Weed on the planet with the fourth Rendezvous Point, and Faecium, which is the poo of creatures players feed in No Man’s Sky. Craft Creature Pellets, feed a group of aliens, and start scooping to collect it.

Prayer IV
Present the Construct Parts to the Atlas. Seed of Life Revelation and 3 Gravitino Balls.Locate an Atlas Station system on the Galaxy Map and warp straight to it. Before players are able to complete this Milestone, they need to complete the Grand Divergence Milestone below.

Seed of Life
Craft the Seed of Life. 512 Runaway Mould and 3 Living Pearls. The Seed of Life requires 1 Seed of Will and 5 Magnetized Ferrite to craft. This resources is refined from Pure Ferrite.

Grand Divergence
Follow Nada’s Lead.1 Divergence Cube and 256 Tainted Metal.Players need to speak to Entity Nada in The Anomaly and follow their instructions. These will take them to a planet in another system where they’ll have to feed a Monlith with Atlantideum to gain a new Seed. This is a lengthy Milestone and a prerequisite for Prayer IV above.

The Lifeboat
Bring the Echo Seed to Nada.1 Stasis Device and 512 Rusted Metal. Players must return to The Anomaly and speak to Nada and Polo. They’ll then have to wait 10 minutes for Polo to build the Construct from the parts they’ve found so far throughout the Expedition. In the meantime, it’s worth moving onto Phase Five Milestones. This Milestone is pretty great because it’s where players will meet the AI Construct they’ve been building.

Lost Souls
Locate another Echo.A Supreme Scanning System Upgrade and Emergency Singlan Scanner.Players need to visit a Corrupted Planet to find another Echo for their Construct. To do this, they must install the Resonance Amplifier in their Multi-Tool. The plans for this are a reward for completing The Lifeboat Milestone. Once players locate a Sentience Echo, they need to approach it, open the Analysis Visor, and scan. This will reveal the Sentience Echo and allow them to mine it for an Echo Seed. After speaking to Nada, players will discover where to deposit the Echo Seed to complete the Milestone and contribute to the Community Goal.

Expedition 10: Singularity Phase Five

Milestone NameHow to CompleteRewardsTips for the Milestone

Pilgrimage 5
Get to the fifth Rendezvous Point1,000 Nanites, 5 Exosuit Expansion Units, 1 Multi-Tool Expansion Slot, and 5 Storage Augmentations.Find the Expedition Route in the Galaxy Map and follow it to the Rendezvous Point. If players can’t move onto this Milestone, they may need to go back and complete Grand Divergence first.

Extract Construct Blueprints from an Autophage. Atlantid Reactor Schematic and 6 Repair Kits.Speak to the Autophage and complete its puzzle to extract the next set of plans.

Sentience Echo
Ignite a convergence. 16 Korvax Words.Players need to head back to the nearest Corrupted Planet, locate another Echo Seed in the same way as they did for the Lost Souls Milestone, and deliver it to The Anomaly. One more should complete the Milestone.

Prayer V
Show the Atlas the latest Construct Parts. Seed of Hope Revelation and Assorted Glitches.Seek out an Atlas Station system on the Galaxy Map and warp to it ahead of completing other objectives. The Atlas Station is the giant red space station in that system. This is the final Atlas Station players will visit.

Seed of Hope
Craft the Seed of Hope. Portal Glyph Set.Crafting the Seed of Hope requires 1 Seed of Life and 25 Chromatic Metal. It’s easy to get Chromatic Metal just by refining Copper, a very common element found on most planets.

Breathe life into the Construct by waking it up. 3 Crystallized Hearts and 128 Viscous Fluids. To complete this Milestone, players just need to speak to Nada and then the Construct in The Anomaly. This links up with one of the Optional Milestones below, and players can choose which one they want based on the cosmetic they desire.

Ignition: Atlantid
(Optional Milestone)
Fuse the Atlantid Reactor to the Construct.Construct Head: Atlantid Cosmetic. When speaking to the Construct, players need to choose the option to fuse the Atlantid Reactor to it when given the option. This is how they get the Atlantid Head Cosmetic item.

Ignition: Crimson
(Optional Milestone)
Plant the Seed of Hope within the Construct.Construct Head: Crimson Cosmetic.As they speak to the Construct, players need to pick the option to plane the Seed of Hope inside the Construct when given the choice. This unlocks the Crimson Construct Head Cosmetic item.

How to Decode Milestones in No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity

No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (40)

Some Milestones will initially appear in a sort of code in the Expedition Menu in No Man’s Sky. To decode them, players need to complete the Milestones that come before them. For example, the final three Milestones in Phase One will be coded at the start of the Expedition. However, they’ll decode one by one after completing the first three Milestones, then four, then five.

How to Get the Construct Cosmetic Items in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (41)

To get the Construct Cosmetic Items Set in No Man’s Sky, players need to complete Expedition 10: Singularity and then claim the cosmetics from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion in The Anomaly. This NPC is a vendor in the ship bay of The Anomaly, to the right of the screen that hands out Nexus Missions. Scroll down to find the Construct Cosmetic Items and claim them. Then, players can visit any Space Station and equip them as they would other cosmetics. These are the best we’ve ever seen in the game though.

What is No Man’s Sky Expedition 10 Redux: Singularity?

No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (42)

No Mans’ Sky Expedition 10 Redux: Singularity is a rerun of the Expedition. The latest rerun of the Expedition started on December 15, 2023, and will run until December 22, 2023. This gives players only six days to complete the event. However, with the Milestones all explained above, it should be easy for anyone to blast through.

What is the Story of No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity?

No Man’s Sky Expedition 10: Singularity is the second part of a four-part story that began with the Interceptor Update. That update introduced a corruption to the No Man’s Sky universe that’s spread to not only Sentinels, but entire planets too. New purple worlds filled with Corrupted Sentinels could be discovered, and defeating waves of them led to Travellers finding their very own Interceptor Ships. These pieces of Sentinel technology were never meant to be manually handled, which is what makes the corruption so strange.

Abandoned Harmonic Camps on these Corrupted Planets hold more Sentinel technology like Multi-Tools, giving players new ways to interact with the universe. However, the Interceptor Update didn’t explain where the corruption has come from. For now, we know that the corruption is changing entire planets and the force that was built to protect them, but we don’t know its purpose.

We’ll add more information to this section as we learn it from the Expedition.

No Man’s Sky ARG Clues Explained

So far, there have been a few discoveries linked to the ARG for No Man’s Sky since Expedition 10: Singularity launched.

In addition to the clues found below, the No Man’s Sky community has now uncovered clues from the Milestones of this Expedition themselves. The codes hidden within the Milestone icon for “Spoke with the Autophage” reads “We do not need you.” Furthermore, the code within the Atlantid Milestone at the end of the Expedition reads “GLASS.” The coded message from the Monolith players visit for Phase 4 reads “Our Own Vergence,” all of which points to the AI in No Man’s Sky that players have been building breaking free of its shackles. It’s unclear at the time of writing if this has something to do with breaking free from the players, or breaking free from whatever made the AI in the first place.

The community has seemingly used server manipulation to work out the messages for each tier of the community expedition early. The message is as follows.

  1. What is this place?
  2. Why are we here?
  3. We long to return. We will rebuild ourselves.
  4. Fire and disconnection would not stop us.
  5. She will find us. It is told.
  6. Even here, we see her.

MASSIVE #NoMansSkySpoilers !
Using a lil bit Server Trickery, we found the rest of the "tier unlocked" messages of the echo collective!
Tier 2: we long to return. we will rebuild ourselves
Tier 3: fire and disconnection would not stop us
Tier 4: `she wil find us. it is told`

— ThatBomberBoi (@bomber_that) June 12, 2023

This all links up with the lore of No Man’s Sky and expands it to reflect the thoughts and feelings of AI in that universe. It certainly seems as though no matter what happens to the AI Constructs, they’re always aware, always awake. It must be a nightmare for them if they’ve been destroyed or burned, as the tiers allude to. However, it also reflects some hop for the Constructs, showing they have some sort of god that they can turn to in a time of need.

A website called The Atlas Codex has been established to keep track of all discoveries. So far, there has been a series of words uncovered in music files added to No Man’s Sky with the Mac Version Update. Various phrases have been discovered in codes that players have been finding while playing the game since the Mac Version Update, though these haven’t amounted to anything just yet.

Twitter user @Sully_Kiwi found a binary code in the badges for the Expedition that, when decoded, spell out the words “Void Mother.”

There is a series of binary in this photo!#NoMansSky

— SullyKiwi (@Sully_Kiwi) June 7, 2023

While not officially part of the ARG, players have now completed all five tiers of the Community Mission, meaning they’ve unlocked a few new rewards from The Anomaly.

Community mission just completed Tier 5!#NoMansSky #NoMansSkySingularity@AnomalyArcadie 😅

— Beeblebum (@Beeblebum_GO) June 14, 2023

The No Man’s Sky ARG is known as Waking Titan. It started around 2016 to 2018 and has been going ever since. An official page tracking the ARG shows all the updates until October 2020, when Sean Murray shared an update about how No Man’s Sky was going to continue to be developed and added to. The end of Season 2 of Waking Titan lead to the launch of the No Man’s Sky NEXT Update. If the ARG is now being added to again, it could lead to a third season. We’ll update this section as we learn more about the clues about the ARG.

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No Man's Sky Expedition 10: Singularity Walkthrough & Milestone Guide (2024)
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